Tamil Nadu Backward Classes Commission


In pursuance of the directions of the Supreme Court of India, the State Government have constituted a permanent Commission termed as "The Tamil Nadu Backward Classes Commission" on 15th March, 1993 to examine and recommend upon the requests relating to inclusion and exclusion from the list of Backward classes/Most Backward Classes.  Periodic revision of list of Backward Classes and Most Backward classes is also entrusted to the Tamil Nadu Backward Classes Commission.  The Commission is now conducting enquiries on the representations received from various community organizations and individuals for inclusion of their communities in the list of Backward Classes, Most Backward Classes and also objections thereto.

Criteria or indicators to identify Backward Classes with effect from 1.9.99.


Weightage to be allocated

Socially Backward 


Educationally Backward 


Economically Backward 



If any class/caste or segment of the Society secures 50% and more but below 65% such class or segment will be identified as a backward class. Above 65% , it qualified to be Most Backward Class.

Social Backwardness

Castes/classes which are considered as socially backward.

Castes/Classes which mainly depend on manual labour for their  livelihood.

Castes/Classes where participation of women and children in work  involving manual labour is atleast 25% above the State average for the sustenance of their family.

Castes/Classes which are living in inaccessible areas lacking proper communication which suffer non-availability of basic amenities such as drinking water which lack healthy and sanitary facilities which process poor quality of residence such as thatched huts, tiled house with low quality of building materials exposed to speedy decay which suffer lack of accessibility to place of habitation which suffer restriction if any or access to place of public utilities such as temples, hotels, shops, etc.

Educational Backwardness

Castes/Classes where the student drop-out in the age grout of 7to 15 years is atleast 25% above the State average.

Castes/Classes where the proportion of the pupil who pass 10th Standard  or its equivalent is 20% below the State average.

Castes/Classes where the proportion of professionally qualified  persons  viz. Engineers, Doctors or chartered Accountants is below 20% the State average.

Economic Backwardness

Castes/Classes where the average value of family assets is atleast 20% below the State average.

Castes/Classes where the net value of family assets does not exceed Rs.3,00,000/-.

Castes/Classes where percentage of persons in Government employment of different levels is 25% below State average.

Caste/Classes where percentage of persons in Public (undertaking) of different levels is 25% below State average.


Means the head of the family and his/her spouse


Means both Central and State 


Means immovable properties, any kind of investments or deposits in Bank, Government undertakings and companies or Corporate Bodies in which Government is a major share-holder or their Corporate Bodies.


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